Who Voices Bluey and Bingo in the Beloved Series: A Guide to Their Talented Actors

The world of animation brings characters to life in ways that captivate the hearts of both children and adults alike. Among these beloved characters, Bluey and Bingo from the hit Australian animated television series “Bluey” have become household names. Their adventures, full of imagination, humor, and heart, are brought to life by not just the show’s vibrant animation but also by the talented actors behind their voices. In this guide, we will explore who voices Bluey and Bingo, giving fans a closer look at the voice talents who contribute so significantly to the show’s success.

Meet the Voices Behind Bluey and Bingo

“Bluey” has been praised for its relatable storytelling, engaging characters, and high-quality production. Central to its charm are the characters of Bluey, a six-year-old Blue Heeler dog full of energy and imagination, and her younger sister, Bingo, who shares her sister’s adventures with a slightly more contemplative approach. But who are the skilled voice actors who bring these characters to life?

Voicing Bluey: The Talented

  • Bluey: Voiced by Dave McCormack, an Australian musician and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist of the band Custard. McCormack brings a lively and authentic touch to Bluey, perfectly capturing the spirit and energy of the adventurous six-year-old.

Voicing Bingo: A Look at the Voice Behind the Character

  • Bingo: Voiced by Melanie Zanetti, an accomplished actress whose portrayal of Bingo adds depth to the character’s thoughtful and imaginative personality. Zanetti’s performance captures the essence of Bingo’s wonder-filled view of the world.

Exploring Their Contributions to Bluey’s World

Dave McCormack and Melanie Zanetti’s contributions to “Bluey” go beyond merely voicing two adorable dogs. They infuse their characters with emotion, humour, and a genuine sense of curiosity about the world around them. Their performances help children understand and navigate their emotions, relationships, and the everyday challenges they face, making Bluey and Bingo relatable and inspirational figures.

Behind the Scenes with Bluey and Bingo

Voicing a character in an animated series is a unique challenge that requires a lot of talent, creativity, and the ability to bring a character to life through voice alone. Both McCormack and Zanetti have shared in interviews how they approach their roles, including the joys and challenges of playing such lively characters. They work closely with the show’s creators to ensure that each episode is not only entertaining but also carries meaningful messages for its audience.


The magic of “Bluey” lies not just in its storytelling or animation, but in the compelling voices that bring its characters to life. Dave McCormack and Melanie Zanetti have become integral to the show’s identity, helping to make Bluey and Bingo resonate with viewers around the world. Through their exceptional vocal performances, they’ve helped turn “Bluey” into more than just a show – it’s a heartfelt exploration of family, imagination, and the joys of childhood.

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